Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes to Round 7!

My blood counts today were right on the borderline--any lower and I wouldn't have been able to have chemo. My Onc. thinks next time my platelets will be too low to do chemo, but we'll get the labs done, see him, and make the decision then, because you never know for sure until the lab tests are done!
I will do 4 Neupogen shots starting this Friday, after my pump is removed. I only have 3 shots here at home, so I'll go to the hospital to get my pump removed and get 1 shot there. Then the Sun. and Mon. before my next round I'll do another 2 shots, for a total of 6 shots this round. Dr. J explained to his "Fellow" (he often has one with him) that my wbc counts drop lower later in the cycle than usual--again, I'm an anomaly! (or just call me "oddball"!)
Friday is Alyssa's 22nd birthday. She knows I won't be able to celebrate much, but she has requested Green Mill pizza, so we'll pick up some of that and a cake. Rachel, Ken and Brennan might come over too. I don't know if Shonna will be back from Kansas City by then, as they are driving back that day.
Sat. is the big move in day for Alyssa. I hope enough strong young men show up to help! I'll be home all snuggly and warm. :) Her hubby Jaren is on his way right now back to the states! Although she still won't be able to see him for a few weeks (he has to do some training in Utah), we are glad that he'll be back in the USA, and closer to home! I admire Alyssa for being so strong--Rich and I have hardly spent a night apart our whole marriage!
Well, typing is hard because my hands keep cramping up! So, I'll end here.
If I don't post again before Friday--HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Love to all,

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