Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Tiring, but Good Day

Today was another of my "bad" days--where I mostly lie in bed, and shuffle slowly when I do get up. But my 3 lovely daughters wanted to make their annual sugar cookies today! So, after I managed a shower and breakfast this morning, I kept slowly working in the kitchen, cleaning off counter space and such. When Rachel got here, I was more than happy to take over care of Brennan :) Shonna got to feed him too today, for the first time. I managed to make buttercream frosting, then handed over baby to Great grandma, and layed down for awhile--it was either lie down or fall down by that point! I rested for a bit, and then Shonna brought baby back to me, and he slept on my shoulder for awhile--is there anything better??
So now, I'm back in my bed, just relaxing for awhile. I feel better back here--comfy and cozy. Rachel went home, Alyssa is cleaning up some of the cookie mess, Shonna is at work, and Rich is eating the brownies Rachel made for his birthday present! (oh--now he's helping Alyssa in the kitchen--what a good hubby :)
I received two neat gifts today! I got a box of oranges from my good friend Diane in Florida--yum!! She and her hubby just moved to Florida--lucky, huh? I also got a very nice gift from a friend at work. So thoughtful. Its nice to know I'm not forgotten. :) And thanks to my neighbor who brought us a plate of cookies a few days ago--so nice!!
I keep thinking of little things I need to do--like gift wrapping and such. But my body is not up to it yet. I'm hoping tomorrow I can get a few little things done. My "elves" wrapped most of the gifts, but there are always a few things "Santa" needs to do. First thing I'll do tomorrow is make a list of what needs to be done.
I hope we don't get the snow storm they are talking about over Christmas--might be bad. We don't have far to travel, but it could still be bad just driving around here.
Thanks to my sister, for finding some OLD photos and adding to my collection of pics all over my walls. Some of them are from '68, when I was just 4 years old! Where did they come from?? Oh, and the soup turned out very good! THANK YOU!!
Please keep those battling cancer in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season. Some are going through some very tough treatments, and won't be doing much celebrating.
I am so grateful for all I have--my family (especially), my health insurance, house, money to buy gifts, friends, and on and on. My heart overflows with gratitude!
Love and blessings to all!


  1. Hope you feel better the next few days and the rest of the holiday season. I think it is remarkable that you got up and worked a bit in the kitchen...when I was doing chemo my housework went pretty slack. Better days are ahead...keep trudging through'll make it!!! Bless you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas, Tina. God bless you and yours.