Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Round 7 Tomorrow?

My chemo appointment starts tomorrow at 9:30. First the blood draw, then visit with oncologist and wait for labs, then find out whether or not I can get chemo. Usually the labs are back before we are done with the doc, but sometimes we have to wait for awhile for them to get done. If the results are slow coming back, we (Rich and I) go sit in the infusion room and the nurse lets us know when the results come in and if the doc gives the go ahead or not.
I'll be ok with the results either way. If I can get chemo I'm that much closer to being done, but if I can't then I get to help Alyssa move into her new apartment on Sat. I'll leave it up to God to figure it out! Like I've mentioned before, God has had His hand on the timing of my chemo treatments, and it always works out for the best!
I'm praying I don't get sick, because Alyssa has had a cold, which turned into the flu or something yesterday. She was sick to her stomach yesterday morning and afternoon, but has been better since then. I don't think its food poisoning, because she hasn't eaten anything different than the rest of us. I've been very blessed to not have been sick since I was diagnosed with cancer. Occasionally I'll get a little sore throat, but its always from allergies and the steroid I get at chemo makes it go away.
Wow, what a year this has been! On Feb. 6th it'll be one year since my tumor was found. Then surgery, chemo, radiation, 2 more hospital stays, more chemo. And then throw in some major life events--2nd daughter married, 25th anniversary, first grandson, youngest turned 18 and is going to college full time instead of classes at high school. Next year will bring the empty nest when Shonna graduates and goes off to live on a college campus somewhere (still deciding where). Its all very exciting! I know my daughters will always be close to me and keep in touch, so I'm not too sad about them all moving on. I find it exciting to watch them go out and make their way. I'm so proud of all 3 of them!
At this time of year, most people review the previous year and think about changes they want to make in the new year. Its like a clean slate for some people. Since I'm so close to being done with chemo, I've been thinking ahead to what I want to do after its all done. I'll have to go back to work, so I don't want to make too many plans or have too many expectations until I see how that goes. I know its going to take some time to get my strength back. I'm hoping I can keep off the weight I've lost and REALLY eat healthier. I'll be doing some research and making lists of good things to eat. I also want to make time for exercise.
I'm also aware that many cancer survivors go through a time of depression after treatment. I'm hoping that by being aware of it, and reading about others' experiences, that I can avoid it. Prayer and Bible reading will help with that too.
I guess mostly what I want is to know what God wants of me. Its time to get out of the boat and my comfort zone and really walk the talk. Scary though! Its good to know that God will help me, and He will still love me even if I fail!
Well, I'll check back in tomorrow or Thursday and let you all know if/how treatment went!
Love and blessings,

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