Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Normal!

Today has been a good day! Yes, the nausea is still there, but mostly under control. And the tiredness is MUCH improved. Whew! I made it to the other side (hopefully!!!). I still cannot get over how much I slept on Monday--apparently its just a side effect of my chemo--I think the 5FU. I am very disappointed that I had to miss so much work, but thankfully everyone has been sooo understanding. Hopefully I can continue this way until the end of the year (only 26 more days?). We'll worry about next Fall in August.
I told Rich how good it felt to be at work! It really lifts my spirits being there. And being outside feels WONDERFUL! Even tho I have to wear a scarf over my mouth and gloves! The kids didn't think anything of it! They think we are always over dressed anyways! I hope we don't have to have indoor recess tomorrow, due to rain. Got sprinkled on a little today.
I'm praying there are no more unforeseen setbacks the rest of this week!
Thanks to the wonderful people that sent snacks for the cancer center--they were so thrilled and send their thanks!! Rich and I had our lunch there on Wed. We had small cans of soup and crackers--and Rich managed to find a pack of choc. chip cookies in the basket!

I want to let everyone know that Jaren is safely in Kuwait (115 degrees the other day!), and should be going into Iraq in the next day or 2. I thought he was going to be there 2 weeks before he went to Iraq, but they are moving them in waves. He's a little nervous being over there, but his faith and commitment to our country are rock-solid. His buddies know who to come to when they have questions about faith, and he's always ready for an impromptu Bible study!! So, please keep this American hero in your prayers!! And the other Red Bulls too. If anyone wants to know what they can send over to Iraq, please let me know. One thing for sure is ATT international calling cards.
Rachel is doing as well as can be expected with the nausea and all. Hopefully that part of her pregnancy will be over soon. She's 10 weeks now. Blood sugars are all over the place, but she keeps in frequent contact with her Endo. She's working at it!! Anyone have any maternity clothes to get rid of? She's about 5'5" and usually wears a med. She's excitedly shopping garage sales these days! (yes they are doing fine financially--she's just "thrifty"!!)
That's my update for today. Thank you to everyone at work for being so supportive--it gets me thru, it really does!
Love and Blessings!


  1. Hi Tina,

    We are glad to hear that Jaren made it safely to Kuwait. Please let him and Alyssa know we are praying for them. We are also so very excited about Rachel and Ken's little one! We are praying for them also. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Know that you are always in our prayers (as well as Rich, Shonna and your whole family).

    Marge Jarosik

  2. So glad you are getting through the end of treatment 2. You are doing good girl!