Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, I HAVE to complain! This cold thing is ridiculous!! I wore gloves to take Sadie out in 60 degree weather, then decided since I'm feeling mostly "ok", and its so beautiful out, I would do a few minutes of garden raking, just to get it started. I took my jacket off, cuz I was starting to sweat, but noticed after I started breathing heavy that my throat was getting sore from the cool air! When I went in to get a drink (warm apple juice) my throat and lips felt tight. Ugh! I have to wear slippers on the cool bathroom and kitchen floor, wear gloves to take anything out of the fridge, and even the cans in the cupboard are cool enough to make my fingers tingle. Anything metal is too cool--even my eyelash curler! What I found to be really painful was taking the cold clothes out of the wash machine to put them in the dryer!! Alyssa is going to have to do that from now on! My fingers had that pins and needles feeling for about 20 minutes after--even after running them under warm water.
Needless to say, I'm learning to be very careful. I now make sure I wait for the water to warm up before washing my hands, or taking a drink.
Other than that, I'm not doing too bad. I joked that I'm glad I feel well enough to be so annoyed, and most of the time I'm actually chuckling at the weirdness of it all.
Another new side effect is my calves and hands seem to stiffen up occasionally, making me have to do a funny shuffle walk. And as for sleeping--it took a long time to get to sleep because of the steroids, so I came out to the recliner to let Rich sleep. I think I fell asleep by 1 or so, not too bad! The pharmacy didn't have my prescription sleeping med, so that wasn't an option last night. They should have it today.
The Oncologist called me last night, and after reviewing my labs decided I should take some iron pills, so he called in a scrip for that. I have to wait a few days to take them, until my tummy feels ok, and then try and take them 3 times a day. He said I should take them between meals with apple juice--they work best that way. I've always taken them with meals because they are hard on the stomach, so we'll see how it goes.
I took my Zolfran about 6:45am, then stayed in bed until 7:30, got up and ate 2 cinnamon rolls and apple juice, then took the steroid pill. It seemed to work pretty well. I started feeling nauseous after raking (more from being hungry than the activity, I think), so I took a Compazine and had some crackers and more apple juice. I got tired of warm cherry Kool-aid! Now I'm going to take it easy for awhile, feeling a little tired and woozy, and still hungry, but not sure what to eat. I kinda want a bologna sandwich, but not sure if that would be too cold to eat? I don't feel like eating anything else, and don't want anything with sugar--had too much of that for breakfast! Maybe oatmeal...
Rachel came over and made some Fettucine Alfredo--so I'm going to go eat that!
Take care everyone!


  1. Thank you Lord for a grumbling sister. :-)

  2. Just remember one step at a time. Don't try to overdo it and be superwoman. Your body needs time to respond and recover from the treatment. The things you used to do, such as laundry etc. may have to be picked up by other members of your family. In the end, it will all be worth it! You will also receive NED (No evidence of disease)!
    My fingers/feet still really hurt from the chemo but in the big scheme of things...these are all minor things to have life. This has taught me the lesson in life that when life hands you lemons, you ask, "where's the sugar?"
    Take Care and Have a Blessed Day,

  3. I ate a lot of microwavable oatmeal and scrambled eggs when I could stomach them.

    Watch out for the fingers and hands locking up on you. That could last seconds or minutes. It hurts not to mention is downright a real pi$$er.

    I just hope you don't get the eyes watering so much that you lose your eyelashes. I did. Not fun.