Thursday, April 9, 2009


"blah" is about the only way I can describe how I feel right now, so I'll probably use that word alot when writing about chemo!
Last night I was overly tired, had a headache and normal body aches that come with being so tired, so I finally took some tylenol about 9:15 (I was too lazy to take it earlier). We went bed not long after that and I put my anti nausea drugs and some warm water next to the bed to take awhile after the tylenol. I told Rich that I was so happy to not feel sick to my stomach, that I didn't care if I couldn't get to sleep or not! I tried for over an hour to get comfy and fall asleep, and I knew I was waking Rich up everytime I rolled over. I finally went out to the living room. Shonna was still up, but I told her I didn't care, I just didn't want to be in the bedroom any longer. She put her dvd into the computer and watched it with her headphones, and I finished reading one of my books. She went to bed about 12:15, and I still couldn't sleep, so I moved to the recliner chair (I had been on one of the recliners on the loveseat). Finally about 1 I fell asleep! I slept until Rich got up for work about 6:15, then I went back to the bed. I dozed off and on until Rachel called at 8:05 to see what the temp was going to be for the day (!). Then I turned the radio on and listened to the news. I started feeling hungry, and I thought uh-oh, cuz I was worried I'd start feeling nauseous, and of course a little while later I did. I got up and choked down some saltines, and took my drugs. Then I had a bowl of oatmeal (no cold cereal for me!). I felt queasy until about 10:45, at which time I finally dragged my butt into the shower!
I covered my port with Glad press and seal for the shower, but it didn't work as well as it should have, and the port covering got a little wet. I was very careful the rest of the shower, and just made it a quick one. I toweled it off good, and seems to be ok.
I have NO energy. I did make tomato soup and rice ( I love rice in my soup!) for lunch, and that didn't taste as good as I wanted, but still ok. After I'm done with this I think I'll go back to bed and listen to my new cd--something about rain and a garden. Don't know if I'll sleep--didn't yesterday when I tried to nap, but it will feel good to just relax and listen to rain. When I'm feeling better I need to get a cheap mp3 player and put some soothing music on it. Rich's small Ipod has the Bible on it, but I've been too lazy to figure out how to work it--I seem to be having a hard time concentrating or even caring about anything right now! Just want to get thru it and get some energy back! I'm making a mental "to-do" list of things to have ready next time.
Some wierd side effects: my cheeks and nose have been bright red and warm feeling since I got up this morning; my jaws hurt with the first few bites of any food--esp. bad with tart stuff, goes away after a few bites; and last night tears popped up during a touching moment on American Idol, and I had sharp pain behind my eyes for a few seconds. Its like things that might normally cause a little ache, now hurt worse--esp. my on my face. I've also been sneezing alot, altho I don't feel any allergy symtoms.
Normal side effects are: some mild nausea; can't touch, eat or drink cold; tiredness, yucky taste in mouth that affects the taste of foods I eat.
So, even with all my complaining, I am pleased with how I am doing. God has been hearing and answering everyone's prayers! So far, its nothing bad or too uncomfortable. I'm glad I took the day off, so there is really nothing I have to do all day. I feel a little guilty having so much "me" time, but I plan to stuff that guilt and soak it up! I warned Rich that if he keeps spoiling me so much I'm going to be hard to live with when this is all over!
Well, I'm gonna try eating a cinnamon roll (mom bought some-it better taste ok!!), and then go rest.
Hope everyone else's day is going well!
Love to all!


  1. Blah is definitely the word, followed by blech!

    Chemo treatment cycle 1 is almost over! How many do they want you to do? I did 11 and my cancer was gone. Praise God!

    Each treatment cycle will be different. Some cycles may be easier than others but you can do this!

    I have absolute faith about this.

  2. Shuddup, mom! You always know the weather! You're better than the weather man.

  3. Oh honey - it's started, and the end is in sight. I agree with Carol - bleh, then blech.
    Regarding the side effects, I would plan on taking the anti-nausea meds regularly during chemo - DON'T WAIT. If you stay ahead of it, you won't let it get the best of you. You need to remember what you're body is going through, and what you are feeling is normal. The tiredness - well, I hate to tell you, this might be constant until you are done, and then for a while afterwards. Remember you're body is fighting an internal war, and you need to give it the energy it needs to beat that cancer.
    About eating - my tastes totally changed. Try something new. But don't expect things that you liked last week to taste the same. Damn chemo.
    What else? I think that's it. Please take care of yourself, and be glad that you have this chance to live the second part of your life - as a cancer killer.