Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something Different--Job Search

No, not for me!
I thought I'd do some "networking" for my daughter Alyssa, who is looking for a job. She is nearly finished with her her AA in Bus. Management. She has been taking psychology and HR classes also. She has 1 or 2 classes left, and is willing to take other classes for the right job (eg. Med. terminology).
She has experience as a receptionist, retail, and customer service. She is also a cheerleading coach, and that suits her perfectly because she loves to encourage and help others, and she is my biggest cheerleader through my illness!
She has good office skills, is a quick learner, and is very speedy on the computer (her fingers fly!)
She is a loyal, hard worker!

I should put in a plug here about Shonna too. She has been doing prom photos, engagement photos, , grad photos, and even weddings! She has a cd you can view, if interested. She is also looking for a part time nanny job to work around her shortened library hours. She has references., and a car. Shonna also can sing for weddings, church, youth groups, etc. She sang a beautiful Martina McBride song at Rachel's wedding.

Ok! Enough of that!
I'm very tired today--didn't' sleep much after 3:30 am. But I think I'm ok for work. Should be an easy day, and my nausea seems to be under control. Hopefully we can be outside, as the fresh air really perks me up!
Have a great day!!

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