Monday, April 27, 2009

Not So Good

Hey everyone,
Just an update, in case you're checkin'. Today has been a rough day. I called the doc and got a new prescription for nausea, but only took it about half an hour ago, so I hope it works! Its Ativan, and I've heard good things about it, but its supposed to make me tired. That's about all I've done all day is sleep! I'm taking tomorrow off work too, because I don't think this is going to magically disappear overnight, and I'm not sure if I can work with this new med. I have to wait and see how it affects me.
Wed., Thurs. and Fri., I felt pretty good. Sat. I started having some nausea, but was still able to sit outside and even rake a little (with a scarf and gloves!). Things started getting worse yesterday, and I can only hope that the new med will work for me so I can start feeling better soon!
Thanks for your prayers!
Take care!

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  1. Ahhh, Ativan. The magic drug. Yes, it will make you tired. You need to sleep. STOP RAKING!!! (LOL!) Ativan is awesome, but you need to remember that if your body is telling you to sleep, you need to sleep. Try taking half of an Ativan. Also ask about the Emend. Great stuff. Those were my lifelines, and what made it easier to get through it all.
    Thinking of you - good luck!