Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday (really!)

Its Monday again! Where did the weekend go?
I'm feeling good today--pretty much "normal". And very happy to be feeling this way! Now I'm thinkin'--I've got 2 days--and so much to do!! Here's a partial "to-do" list for me:
1. Boil eggs (they are an easy on the tummy way to get protein)
2. Make kool-aid to leave on the counter (hopefully it will taste better than warm water!) (maybe I should buy some small gingerale cans?)
3. buy applesauce cups and jello cups and set out on counter
4. other foods to have on hand--fruit cups, cinnamon rolls, ritz crackers, milk duds, cheese popcorn, cottage cheese
5. get laundry done (almost there!)
6. give kitchen a good cleaning, because it won't happen again for several days!
7. pay bills
Beyond that, everything else can be done by Rich and the girls, or can wait until next week when I start feeling a little better.
I think I'll get groceries tonight (except for the rolls--they'll need to be fresh on Wed.!), and tomorrow I get my haircut at 3:15, and finish up everything else.
As you can see, there is a lot to do and think about. The yucky feeling I get from chemo could be worse this time (but may not be), but I know I'll have a few days of "I just don't care", where I will simply exist and make it thru--so that's what I have to prepare for. If I'm lucky, I'll sleep alot!
I never did call the doc about not sleeping (I was too tired and out-of-it!!). I'm done with the steroid pills, and have been sleeping ok over the weekend, so I figured I may as well wait until I see him on Wed. I'm not sure why they give you a steroid along with the anti-nausea med (Zolfran), but we'll find all that out, and I'm sure they'll come up with a different plan. I know there are a lot of other things they can give me.
Wed. morning Rich and I have to be at Regions at 8:30. First they'll access my port to draw blood for labs, and then at 8:50 I have my appt. with the oncologist. When I'm done with him, and assuming my labs are ok, they'll start the chemo drugs. That takes a couple of hours, then I get hooked up to my bag and sent home! I'm curious to see what my hemoglobin is, because its been on the low side (10.9), and Saturday I was sooo groggy feeling. Standing up was such an effort! Sitting I was ok, but walking, shopping, etc. was difficult! So that made me think maybe I'm still slightly anemic.
Yesterday we stayed home all day. Didn't even go to church. I just wanted 1 whole day to hang around the house, read the paper, do some laundry, etc. Besides, it was a chilly, rainy day--perfect for staying home!
This whole chemo experience, while I haven't been horribly sick, has been disappointing. So, once again, I've tried to adjust my thinking (something I'll do frequently I'm sure!!). I don't want to plan ANYTHING for the next 8 months or so, and if I feel good enough to do something, then that will be a bonus. Rich and I were thinking we'd be able to get away to Duluth a few times this summer, but now, I don't want to plan on it--if I happen to feel up to it-great, we'll do it. I simply want to fight this cancer, and survive as best I can. Life will continue when I kick this cancer! I don't mean that to sound so depressing--I'm sure I'll have times where I feel good and can do fun things. The point is, I can't plan on feeling good--its too disappointing to plan something, then be to sick to even care.
For those of you wondering about Alyssa--she made it home safe and sound. Rich picked her up around 6am Sunday. She slept most of the day. It sure is nice to have her home! She is a brave girl to travel all that way by herself (and she's terrified of flying!), and brave to love a soldier. It's not easy for her to let him go. Jaren (and the other Red Bulls) will be leaving for Kuwait in just a few days--please keep him in your prayers!
Thanks, Rachel and Ken (mostly Ken!) for the yummy home-made pretzels!! Rachel brought them to me last night, along with some blueberry muffins. I ate 2 pretzels right away, and got a tummy ache! (from being too full--not Ken's pretzels!) I think I'll go have one now....
Take care everyone!!
Love to all!


  1. Hon, I think you are doing a heck of a good job adjusting to life with cancer and undergoing treatment. Do what you can when you can. Leave the rest to God.

    Had my six month checkup today with my family doctor. "Mrs. Urban, I want you to exercise over the summer. You have gained 16 lbs since October, as I'm sure you know."

    Really? I thought I just woke up this morning to find that nothing fits anymore! HA!

  2. Thanks Carol! That means alot to me!
    I think gaining weight is something you should be thanful for, right?? Thank God you are healthy enough to gain and are enjoying the taste of food again! :-)

  3. Well, actually, the scales in the office said I weighed 168 so they HAVE to be WRONG!!!

    Yes, I enjoy eating. No, I hate to exercise. giggle

    I'm not a good patient.