Monday, April 13, 2009

Gotta Love Those Frogs!

The frog's are back! Our wetlands (aka swamp!) are full of the sounds of them. I LOVE it! Sounds like Spring has finally arrived. I opened some windows so I can hear them better. Its 56 out, but for some reason it feels warmer; I think the air is a little thicker today.
Well, I made it thru Easter, and went back to work today. Easter was nice--it was soo nice to spend time with the family and I didn't have to do a thing! (no, I never did get the veggies and dip-sorry everyone!) Church was great too. They had a continental breakfast, so I had 2 small danishes, and some warmish oj! My friend Pam prayed over me before we left church, and that ALWAYS boosts my mood and makes me feel so much better. Thank you Pam!
Sat. and Sun. (am) I was feeling a little blue about everything. 8 months of this is not going to be fun! But don't worry, as soon as I say or think that I remind myself that 8 months is actually a short time compared to a lifetime! And as my new friend Michelle tells me--I'm now on my way to kicking this cancer in the butt!! Thanks, as always, Michelle and Carol for making me smile, and cry alittle too. Your concern and good wishes overwhelm me at times! I hope to meet both of you someday!
When I had to get up for work today, I was VERY glad I switched my hours to only 3.5. I kept telling myself I can do this! Still have the yucky nausea feelings, the bad taste, and the "binding" problem that the anti-nausea meds cause. The cold sensation is fading! I haven't tried ice water yet, but I can drink it cool from the tap! I even took hamburger out of the freezer and it felt colder than normal--but didn't hurt. I was really hoping all this would be gone by this time--esp. since this was my first chemo. It supposed to get worse each time! But I guess I shouldn't think ahead and borrow trouble-right? One day at a time!
My family is wonderful, and I hate being a burden on them, but I know they are strong enough to handle it--I don't doubt you guys at all! Keep them in your prayers. Alyssa leaves tomorrow to fly to WA to visit her fiance before he leaves for Iraq. Its going to be quite the experience for her and I'm proud of her for doing it (not that anything would stop her!) We miss Jaren here, and can't wait til he gets home next Feb. or March.
I'll try and post some pics soon, but now I'm going to take my book and go rest!
Love to all!!

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